I am grateful to have found Shiva and the Destination Within Teacher Training. I began my teacher training with a different school and I did not feel that it was the right place for me. A friend recommended Shiva’s class and I knew after one class with her that this training was the right place to be. The environment at this training is warm and soft and Shiva has a calm and collected presence. These aspects together create an open and safe place to learn. I find this to be important because I was challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally during my time at the training. I felt comfortable enough to open my mind and heart to new ideas and I was willing to change in ways I would have never found on my own. My own practice and my teaching abilities have been greatly inspired from Shiva’s knowledge and her extremely articulate teaching style. The two hour classes in the morning were a wonderful way to start our day, followed by many different types of interactive learning practices, that made the 11-day modules fly by. I try to make it up to Shiva’s classes as often as I can and I always feel like I’m at home when I am there.

Aimee French

Yoga Teacher, Sundial Yoga

I really enjoyed the community aspects of the course, as I have gained some very dear friends in the process. I also enjoyed being around intelligent and open-minded people with similar interests. I enjoyed having the reading list a lot. I have uncovered new community, intellectual, mental, and physical resources for myself. I enjoyed every part of the course, but especially loved Yoga Nidra and Free Style Dancing afterwards. It was truly liberating for my mind and body. I am very happy that I had enrolled at the training. It was a priceless gift that will keep giving throughout the years.

Maria Bloomfield

Yoga Teacher & CPA

If you’re interested in becoming a certified yoga instructor, I highly recommend checking out the Blue Lotus Healing Arts Center- Destination Within training in Ruidoso! My experience was transformative and healing. Not to mention, I got the privilege of learning from one of the most beautiful souls to walk the planet! Shiva Reinhardt’s classes are both challenging and therapeutic! You will leave feeling rejuvenated and “like new”. It will only enhance your life!

This school has been a divine experience for me. It has brought me back to my true self – this self I haven’t seen since childhood. I have grown in not only my physical form but also my spiritual and intellectual. I am better off than I was before – living my life with more intention and awareness…This school was exactly what I was looking for in my 200 hour training. You touched on everything I had questions about and you were always open to share knowledge and research things we wanted to know more about. The classes were stimulating and healing. I feel well informed and equipped to be the best yoga teacher I can be.

Jalie Kimbrough

Yoga Teacher & Mother

I looked forward to Shiva’s teacher training every month until those four days came around. She cares deeply about each and every student and their personal growth. She keeps an open mind and equanimity within the contrasting viewpoints of her students. Shiva creates an accepting environment free of dogma.

Sachi Kaskel

Yoga Teacher & Graduate Student

As I reflect on the two 11 day modules from Yoga School, many emotions, personal struggles, personal victories and awakenings have risen, embedded and charged into my personal growth. Admitting that I am not the best academic student, at the age of 57 and know that I am a student of physical endeavors, therefore tackling book reports, studying for my Anatomy exam and other “sitting still” endeavors “seem” to be harder for me. I have come to realize that I am my own obstacle, in recognizing this in my Yoga studies, it has actually made me a better teacher. As a teacher, I will always be student, in this I find great joy because it humbles me, gets me to sit with myself as I discover more about my mind , body & spirit as I serve with healthy strong boundaries. This has and continues to create a strong teacher in me. A plethora of small victories and epiphanies manifest a strong foundation in my teaching. I thank Shiva Reinhardt for her encouragement and personal example. If I may uplift others in their struggle, there are learning curves and time management involved, that show themselves at just the right time and trying harder does work! My goal is be done with all my work in April of 2016. This too gives me great joy!

April Cray Rhodes

Yoga Teacher

Attending the Yoga Teacher Training program at the Blue Lotus Yoga Studio was a life changer. The gentle but no nonsense approach of our teacher Shiva allowed us to learn all the academic requirements but more importantly grow as people becoming teachers. She provided an environment that felt safe and loving which allowed each of us as students to push our selves out of our comfort zones. Her accumulated knowledge and experience with her organized teaching style gave us a solid foundation to begin our teaching careers from.
July 17, 2013

Grace Williams

Yoga Teacher

I loved the open, supportive, and loving environment that you created. The yoga intensives were especially challenging and motivated my personal practice and development. I thought the opportunity toward the end of the training to team-teach was a powerful teaching tool and very
beneficial […] your willingness to adapt the content and arrangement of topics was appreciated.  I [now] more thoughtfully navigate my daily life; my daily meditation and yoga practice has drawn a powerful centering awareness inward.

Dawn Browning

Yoga Teacher & Research Scientist