Our 300 hour Advanced Training will be led by Shiva Reinhardt. Each module below describes how the subjects of study are divided. The schedule will be comprised of six 5-day intensives spread out over 7 months–about one intensive every month plus a 3-day retreat.  Our schedule starts December 2016. You must have graduated previously from any 200 hour RYS program. That 200 plus this 300 will make you eligible to register for 500 RYT. Our program is registered with and approved by the Yoga Alliance.

Module 1 – 82.5 hours – two 5-day intensives – Advanced Anatomy, Adjustments, and Therapeutics

We will cover in detail anatomy, pathology of and asana for the major areas of the body: spine, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist and neck. From her training at IYT Shiva will draw therapeutic approaches to treating private clients for their specific issue. Hands on adjustments will be demonstrated and practiced so you can hone your skill and get feedback on what feels good and what doesn’t.

  • December 4-8, 2016
  • February 5-9, 2017

Module 2 – 82.5 hours – two 5-day intensives – Tantric Philosophy, Meditation Practice and Teaching, and Pranayama

The roots of yoga are deeper and older than the Yoga Sutras. Reaching back far into the history of the yogic traditions we will draw on a variety of yogic texts to inform our practice and teaching of meditation and pranayama. A 1-day silent meditation retreat will be included in these modules, as well as plenty of Yoga Nidra and daily practice of meditation. In order to teach meditation you must establish your own personal practice.

  • Dates TBD with the whole group consenting

Module 3 – 82.5 hours – two 5-day intensives – Teaching Skills and Methodology, Advanced Sequencing, Business

Professionalism is a huge part of yoga. Some of the most important teaching skills happen when you are outside the studio. We will go over professionalism in detail, how to grow your business and how to actually make money as a yoga teacher (not as easy as it sounded, but you probably already know that!) Sequence your classes not only for physical safety and growth but also for the mental, emotional and spiritual realms.

  • Dates TBD with the whole group consenting

Retreat – 22.5 hours – 3 days – Hot Springs Yoga Retreat in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Discussion will include how to lead and structure retreats in the most optimal way for you as a teacher as well as for your students. Daily practice will include asana, pranayama and meditation to allow you to let go and go inside.

  • December 9-11, 2016 OR December 8-10, 2017

270 Contact hours & 30+ hours of homework = 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teaching Program

The foundations of this program are an orientation towards liberation and awakening, therapeutic anatomical knowledge and cultivating a professionalism that will be like rocket fuel to both your teaching practice and personal practice. We are accepting a limited number of students who meet our criteria to ensure a rich, community experience for all. Apply early to ensure first consideration for acceptance: Apply Here.

Cost – $3600 + tax

Additional costs – Lodging at the Retreat and during the intensives

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